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Horse riders?


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I used to occasionally ride horses at weekends which was super fun but I haven't done it for so long now. I do kind of miss it but I guess I just don't have the opportunity to ride much anymore.

Is anyone here a rider or use to ride horses? How did you find it and how often did you use to ride? I don't think it's as popular as it used to be but maybe because I don't do it anymore and so I don't know lol... what about you?
I've tired horse riding a couple of times but honestly wasn't a fan. I find horses quite big and scary and the idea that it may suddenly decide to not listen and do what it wants when you're stuck on its back is not something I take lightly. It can also be dangerous so I don't think id try it again.
I had a friend at school when I was younger that used to go horse riding every weekend, she loved it and had a blast doing it. It was never something I got into though, I had a hard time riding the donkeys on the beach not far from me so being able to ride a horse would have been a no-go for me.
I’m not a horse rider and I’ve never been on a horse before.