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How did you learned to Code?


Anurag M

I've learned xHTML and CSS while I was messing around with different free templates to make my first website. Learning other languages the same way, since this seems to work best for me - to mess around with other people's work (of course only for my own amusement and use).

I want to know about the other members though, How did you learn to code?
Same here, I started working with codes in a free forum hosting site..and then moved to mybb to work with codes. Till now i am good at changing color and style :D
Learnt via just messing with templates really. Like yourself, I am learning CSS in the same way. It is one of the most efficient ways of doing so in my opinion. I do read the odd book on the subject though.
I have started with learning coding by using a tutorial website what have teached me all step by step.
Well I started in college doing C++ but when it comes to web development... Youtube. Web development is the easy to get into. You don't really need a lot of special software or IDEs. You could potentially do all your development right in notepad, though I do not recommend it. lol From there I learn PHP/MySql from Lynda videos.
Well i'm actually learning it right now in college. Still not the greatest at it but i'm getting there :)

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