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How many books do you read?



How many books do you read during a month? I read about 1-3 books per month :) during exams double or triple XD Literature student here.
It depends on what I'm doing, really. Some months I have read one book or less, or have read one book over a couple of months (average sizing of Bleak House). Sometimes I read a lot more, and can read those size books in about a week.
It depends on my schedule - both at work and school. If I have free time, I would probably read between 8 to 10 books a month. I used to read about 15 books a month because I write book reviews and blog about books. I would probably be happy that I even have a chance to just read one book in a month.
It depends on how much free time I have. It also depends on how many pages the book is that I'm reading. I try to read a book a week but that doesn't always happen.