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Development How much Php do you know?


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I know the basics and I can kind of read php- but I can't really code it.... :D
Same here Sambling, i can find it is a php code :D. But not code a small line too :(
Nice attitude you got there!
I can code most of it, learning PHP OOP now!
If you concentrate PHP is quite easy actually. I have learned C++ before, and the syntax was quite similar, so I found it very easy.
If you guys want to learn PHP, I recommend
It's an awesome website, and everything is explained nicely :)
I've been doing php for about 5 years now. I started off in college where I started doing freelance work to make some extra money. Currently I work for a Verizon reseller where I'm a PHP developer. I do all kinds of projects with it. PHP is very diverse language. I highly recommend learning and don't to anyone who says there aren't jobs out there for it. I heard that as I was learning. Now everyday I get calls from agencies asking if I'm looking for a job.
I know very little PHP but with the help of some great CMS's I can create some pretty beautiful and functional websites. I do know enough PHP to make slight changes in the code if I need to. Honestly it used to be the same way for me with HTML and CSS and after tinkering with them for a couple years I kind of just learned them, and now I can write HTML and CSS with no issues. Regardless of my weak proficiency in PHP, it's still my favorite programming language.
Been doing php for the last year, along with html. It's pretty simple, similar to actionscript which Ive been doing for years
PHP is really tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's surprisingly simple as a programming language. The syntax is similar to that of C++, but it isn't as confusing in a lot of ways. (for example, you don't have to "define" variables before you use them, etc... )
Sometimes it looks easy for me sometimes it is not..so no coding just using the code freely available :D
I don't really know any php at all although I wouldn't mind getting to know it since I know other coding languages
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I have fair knowledge of cakephp. It is tough to learn php initially but once you understand the logic, it is fun to coding in php.
I know absolutely none, but somehow I can manipulate it and modify it to do what I want when editing existing code.