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How's the Weather?


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Recently, the weather in England has been pretty nice - it's been sunny, hot (too hot for me) and generally rain free.

Today though, it has literally been pouring down non-stop. I'm not too sure how long my dogs are going to be able to hold their duties in, as we haven't been able to take them for a walk today and one step in the garden makes them run back inside again!

But, I got a pretty picture with a sepia effect, purely because it was the only one my phone would use to be able to see the splashes up from the rain droplets hitting the already soaked pavement. :)

What's the weather like where you are?

Scotland weather has been alright, it's not been really sunny but it's been bright and not too much rain. It's been really warm in my opinion though. It's different in other parts of Scotland of course.
The weather is pretty hot out here in Texas. I think its like 90 degrees today.
Hot here in MA. Sun isn't out and it looks like it could rain.
Lately it's been toasty in Nova Scotia. I'm pretty sure we had a few heat waves this summer. However, today felt like such a relief. There was light rain, wind and cooler weather. Yes, I was a bit cold but I was actually able to wear my hoodie! HALLELUJAH!
I don't know about tomorrow, but I think we're gonna have similar weather.
Yes, it seems that fall is coming. :)
Sun is out but it isn't to hot.
Sun isn't out today. But it is hot. I think we are going to get rain tonight.
Today we are having a cool day so far. No sun!
It was pretty hot today, I went to the town with my mum looking like a chav - when I'm ill it is the only time I will allow myself to go out in public in chav bottoms. :p
But my black top was attracting the heat and ugh.
Looks like it could rain today. Sun is not out and it is kind of cool.
Sun is out but not hot at all so far.
Kind of cool today, but the sun is out.
It's overcast and a bit cool today. I love this time of year, though. Summer is winding down and the evenings are cool but the days are still warm. The leaves haven't started changing yet so everything is still green and the weather is just refreshing. It's about time to enjoy a Sunday at the cider mill!!