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In the hospital


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Things got bad so now I am going inpatient again
I'm at the hospital now and I'll probably be in here a few days
I have done this three times already so I know the drill
But I could use some kind words when I am discharged.
Sorry to hear you are going into the hospital. Please let us know when you are out and to let us know you are OK. And maybe someone can point me to some info. about the other times you went in. If you posted it of course. Because I have no idea why you are going in.
Oh no... :( *hugs* Imagine that I'm a nurse there and we watch lotsa funny movies together! c:
I hope you get to doing better. Try to make the most of it. And, um, whatever you do don't eat anything they serve that looks like it might suddenly spring to life.
I'm assuming this has to do with the other thread you made recently so I'll say again, I hope you get to feeling better and doing better. Even if it's not a pleasant experience over all this might very well help you out, esp. if you try to make the most of it. Of course you probably wont see this until after you get discharged so it seems like a moot point now...

And I also really suck with words so I'll draw you something adorable that'll hopefully lift your spirits when you return. That said, I hope something good comes out of this for you.
Hope you feel better soon <3 Let us know when you're back and how you're doing.
Will a kitten help cheer you up a bit?

Sorry to hear that you are in hospital, it's not nice and a stay in hospital can be quite upsetting.

Try to keep your spirits up and I hope you make a full recovery very soon.