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Infinite Crisis MOBA


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So I recentely got into the beta of Infinite Crisis (MOBA). It's set within the DC universe in one of there many many earths.

The game is actual ok. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing or how to win. Theres no tutorial but theres help bars in game which aren't that great. But the gameplay is pretty fun. You can interact with your environment and you have your character abilities and special abilities that you can purchase using ingame currency. (This is a Free to Play, so microtransactions will play apart in this unfortunately.)

I've only had 1 game but from what I can tell it's going to be a good game. I'll be writing a full review on it in the coming days :)
I have yet to play Infinite Crisis, but since it's a MOBA it most likely follows the same format as others. 3 lanes, 5 players on each team. Kill creeps, level up, destroy towers (or whatever they're called here), kill enemy players, etc. It looks interesting; not much of a DC fan but I've signed up nonetheless.
Creeps are there yes but theres no towers. There's 6? platforms placed on the map (The map is round) that you need to control to activate something in the middle of the map to destroy something of yours. I guess the more I play it the more I will understand
Played a match as Batman. It's basically League of Legends' Dominion mode. Batman is basically overpowered I'd say. First game ever and I pretty much dominated everybody, but still lost because my team didn't focus on objectives.