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Intense rage and upset triggered by loud chewing


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Okay...this might sound a little weird and I'm not sure why this is happening but to put it simply;

The sound of someone chewing, whether it's sloppy sounds, teeth clicking together, lip smacking or the food is something like gum or its chewy, well it makes me incredibly angry. At first you could mistake it for just finding it generally annoying but honestly it's more than that.
The sound actually fills me up with so much anger I either have to lash out by telling the person to stop or I leave the room. It's incredibly difficult for me to bear it and I hate to admit it but today I tried to sit and bear it and I actually cried.
I've been trying to sit seperately from my family when eating so I can avoid it but sometimes I just can't get away from it. It's actually make me shake and ball my fists, and as mentioned, cry.
It also makes me feel kind of anxious.

It seems so silly but I don't really know why I feel this way or how to stop. It's only come on in the last few years really, never bothered me when I was younger.

Anyone else have the same?
Don't worry I kinda get like that when I hear someone brushing their teeth, I get this rush on me like something crawling all up my throat and insides and I just wanna tear my skin apart or something (I'd never do that though ha) but it feels so uncomfortable... Might be different to you but it more than annoys me...

But chewing, that sucks man :/ Easier for me because I always just stay in my room when someone brushes their teeth and change tv channels when it's on tv, but people chew all the time god :( I guess you could go Doctors?
I'm not sure my doctor would take me seriously :p and there's probably not much to be done. It's probably more
of something I'd see a psychotherapist about...if I thought it were serious. :p

It's not anything terrible, it just makes me feel that way every time.
But yeah it's like I can't bottle the anger when I hear the repetitive sounds of chewing, even now I'm tensing up thinking about it XD
The sound of chomping pisses me off, but other than that I'm fine... I have more of a problem with people who wolf there food down XD
Turns out it's called "Misophonia" and it's not uncommon, relief :p