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Jerry Springer, daytime television pioneer, dies at 79


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MSN is reporting that Jerry Springer has died at 79. I never got into his show, but a lot of people liked it.
I always remember when I was younger, Jerry Springer was on TV before FRIENDS aired on a channel in my country and we used to leave it on ready for FRIENDS to start, I used to sit and watch Jerry Springer and found it interesting even though know, I realize how crazy it was.

Was sad to hear of his passing.
His show was trash and find him even worse for allowing such hosting of content and giving way to similar shows.
Such a shame he had to die. I hope he went to Heaven is all I can say. That show is so old and has been on TV for such a long time. But you honestly just have to repect the dead. You can't show disrespect to the dead and he has my prayers with him. I hope he finds peace.
I was sad when I first found out Jerry springer died. He's a legend.
I was sad when I first found out Jerry springer died. He's a legend.
Same. I tried to watch his show everyday with my mom or nana. It was funny and entertaining to me. He was a huge part of my childhood.
I think his show gave a peek into the real life of many people. Well, even though we might want to dismiss these people, you can't ignore what's there, even if it's not Leave it To Beaver. Anyhow, of course, the ideal existence, is not what we see on the show, but people have to get to that point on their own.