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Dark Myst Tavern is an establishment set in the middle of a dark misty forest. The exterior of the tavern
appears to be very old and deteriorated. The wooden walls appear to to rotting and falling apart, the door creaks loudly
and wobbles when it is opened, as if it were about to fall off of it's rusted hinges. There is a faint amount of light that can be seen
through the clouded windows, travelers can take notice of the light and may sometimes wander in for shelter from
storms which are common in the area. There are no signs in the forest that direct travelers into the tavern, there
is however, a sign above the door which is illuminated by 1 lantern.

Though outside it appears to be only one story, it is in fact much larger. The interior is very clean, with many
tables and chairs to sit at. The bar, which has a plethora of drinks to choose from, has almost and endless amount of
stools. The lanterns that illuminate the interior appear to be suspended in midair, with no attachments to the
ground or ceiling. There's in total 3 stories to the tavern, the first floor is the pub, the second floor is the guest quarters,
but the third floor... The third floor is unknown to anyone who's ever visited the tavern. There's a staircase and a
door that takes you to it, but just looking in the direction of the stairway can make even the mightiest of men feel

The bartender himself is shrouded in mystery as well, he's the only staff at Dark Myst yet it's always flawlessly clean.
There's a dark shadow that always seems to cover up his appearance, as if it had a mind of it's own.
The only visible aspect of the bartender is his white glowing eyes, which seldom can show any emotion. The origins
of the bartender are unknown, but he's mostly seen staring at the ground as if he's longing for it. It has made
some visitors to the establishment left to wonder if perhaps he's some kind of demon or creature from the underworld.
He appears to be a humanoid shape, but the shadow that hides his appearance makes it hard to visually tell.

The Bartender - Trilient
The tavern door opened slowly, yet there does not appear to be anyone opening it. After a minute with no movement, a heavily shrouded figure entered the tavern. A large hood covered the face, with the thickness of the material disguising the stature of the one beneath. They briskly made their way to the bar, a cold breeze erupting from beneath the blooded cloak and filling the room. As the mysterious figure reached the bar, they swept their hands down their cloak. Some of the liquid remained on the material, while some just covered their hands with more of the crimson substance. The figure looked at their hands before lowering the hood which covered their visage. There stood a pale woman with a naturally thin, contoured face. Her lips were faded. Her eyes were large, her irides the colour of rubies. Her soul empty. She placed her slender hand onto the bar before turning to the bartender and asking: 'What would you recommend?'

The Bartender:

The Bartender hears the door open and watches as the figure enters his tavern. He moves from the back of the tavern to behind the bar, almost instantaneously. He's unsure what to make of this being who's entered his tavern. He begins to look the being over as it lowers it's hood, his eyes glaring over every inch of the beings body. Once he see's the beings face, he no longer considers her a threat and moves in closer to the bar. A gust of wind blows in from outside, leaves and a bit of dust hover slowly unto the tavern floor. The visitor had distracted him from his management duties around the bar and had not realized the door was left open. The Bartender raises his arm and opens his hand in the direction of the door. It slams shut, the leaves and dirt appear to disintegrate, leaving the floor once again unscathed. He looks back over to the visitor as she asks her question; "Our selection is vast" he says, the sound of his voice is not the sound of one, but many voices speaking at once. "We recommend our specialty, The Daemons Horn."

'Interesting,' she replied, the word lingered on her tongue while she paused, 'I'll try anything once.' She moved her hand slowly into the deep pockets of her cloak. When her hand returned to the bar, it held a small navy-coloured velvet sack which she then turned over onto the bar, the gold coins trickling out and clinking together as they fell gracefully to the wood. The coins were perfect circles, all of them the exact same size and with the same strange messsage engraved into them. She stared gravely into the bartenders eyes, searching for something - she did not expect to find anything within someone who appeared to her as a locked safe, rather than the open books she crossed many times in her travels to the tavern. Some too open. 'I assume this form of payment will suffice in your...' Her eyes slowly and questioningly searched her surroundings before finishing her sentence, '... tavern?' Before a moment could pass, she hastily questioned: 'You don't like dust much, do you?'