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KFC real chicken?


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So friends i was wondering and saw few articles and videos which stated that KFC's chicken is not real. The meat is made with some kind of mixture to make it so soft and crisp.

I too had some food stuffs in KFC, and i felt the same. What do you think about this.
Strange that you've entitled this "real chicken", but I digg their chicken bits, or popcorn chicken so to speak. XDD
Yes, please do. Google and check for the controversies involved.

:D a wrong title
Jason said:
Yes, please do. Google and check for the controversies involved.

:D a wrong title

So you think its not "the real chicken"? Then what restaurant got the authentic chicken for you?
McDonalds and some other food courts.
Jason said:
McDonalds and some other food courts.

Well, I'd rather think its the contrary or the opposite, Jason. KFC's got the authentic or "real" chicken so to speak, and Mcdy's got the fake one... I don't like Mcdy's chicken just to say.
oh, little confusing. Lets hear from some other users what they have to say about this.
A few years ago in the UK there was a lot of concern in regards to the ingredients used to make a KFC Chicken burger, there was very little chicken involved and way too many additives and worse still waste meats and fats.

These days though it has all changed and a KFC chicken burger has a chicken breast, not the molded processed chicken of the past. The problem we face as a chicken burger lover now is that a percentage of KFC restaurants are using Chicken that have been slaughtered in accordance with religious teachings mainly Halal and Kosher

While this may not seem much of a problem, if you do some research into how animals are slaughtered to satisfy these religious teachings, i am certain you would be horrified!, but that is another conversation
I came to know through my dad that many of his colleagues in U.S, U.K said they had stomach problems after having KFC chicken and few found some worms in it..

I don't know how true is it..
I personally have never heard that but, you know, it is probably true
In the UK these days though there are so many health and safety rules most f our food is A1 standard
My thoughts it is a real chicken but with some bio changes..Or else the meat would not be like that.
trust me fella's when it comes to meats in fast food, there is very little, how much real beef do you think there are in beefburgers, or pork in a sausage, both of these instances it s very little, the meat is sued for steaks and roasting joints, the trotters, snouts and bit not used are minced up and used in your sausage and burgers, chickens it is the same, how much chicken do you think there is in a chicken nugget?

I can tell you 56% of what is in a chicken nugget is NOT chicken, but corn! why would the burgers be any different, in fact here is a challenge, find a list of ingredients for a KFC chicken fillet burger
Hmm ok, next time u have the chicken do a little research and check whether the meat looks like a real chicken.
Man Jason you really scare us with some stories..Please make sure the info you share is valid.
OMG i am sorry..i think i finish my talk hereby.