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I've always been attracted to Miss Kim Kardashian... a Star in a reality TV show... I idolize and worship her too. I got the hots for her and I'm turned on by her too. I dig what she wears and what she does. What do you think of her?
I love her, she is super hot and nice star. I think the Gentlemen are attracted more towards her.
Jason said:
I love her, she is super hot and nice star. I think the Gentlemen are attracted more towards her.
Because shes hot and sexy and attractive too an a wee bit wealthy too... I'm turned on by her and got the hots for her looks.
Jub said:
She is very attractive.
In terms of looks, appearance or of work ethics or etc? I'd say you're turned on by her hotness eh? XDD
Lol yes me and other men too do!! :)
Do her?? In what sense :D
LOL Naiwen, i would be glad if i get one :D :D
Naiwen, i think it is good that we stop here...
lololol, but its good to talk bout sex.., when it comes to Kimy... shes quite hot & attractive no?
Yes, but it seems we differ from the topic and some may find this uncomfortable.
What makes up culture to you?

Like when you think of culture...what comes to mind? What comprises a culture to you? How does one fit with the norms of culture and are we expected to stay within the parameters set as normal behavior by our various cultures. Here is some straight psychology for you. What do you think?
For me when I think of a Culture it is people core beliefs that I believe make up a culture. I mean you can go by the definition that the dictionary gives us. Though I do think it is correct I don't believe they give enough detail.
Frog said:
Culture is tradition, custom and way of living with which we are most familiar.
The dictionary definition. I do think that definition needs to be expanded though. A culture also includes many other aspect that are not listed in the definition.