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What do you prefer, laptop or desktop for your daily usage.
I would rather use a desktop but right now i only have an laptop
Yes, desktop is good for a user, who travels less :D
Desktop for me, I like it because I built it myself, and it is a lot quicker than my laptop. :)
True Android, It can be configured according to our needs.
I'd by far would chose a desktop. I have been through about 6 laptops in my life, and I am only 18. I have had two desktops in my life, and they lasted about 3 times as long as a laptop. They can store more memory, cheaper, and can hold more processors which in return allows you do to more on it without crashes, lag, and errors.
True, desktop's durability is more compared to laptop.
I would prefer a laptop because it is very small and I carry it with me everywhere and use it when I need it.
Black Angel said:
I prefer the laptop for portability and the desktop for home use, so both for those reasons.

i'd rather think that both could hold the candle to the other really, tis an understatement. Or though ya, thats just me here or there. What about ya?
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