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As the title suggests, what was the last text message you received.

Please do not share mobile numbers, graphic images or any other personal information which may put you or another being at risk.

My last message is: 'I'll leave to come to your's at one. x', received a few days ago from [MENTION=1583]Raven[/MENTION]
"Have I told you today that I love you?" From my best friend Cathy about 2 hours ago.
Not a long message for me. But the last one I got was: Ok
"I'll let you know mate, a need to pack my stuff" - From a friend..
"If you wish to cancel this service, Please text "Stop" as a reply to this message." From some random spam I got.
I'll leave at about 8:30, that way mum still gets to see Elana for a bit. - From my sister.
"We don't even have to go out for a long walk, just a short one." - A friend
I have those attributes and I still look great in a dress!

From my male friend, Rey.
My last text Received. : "Free T-Mo msg: See how easy it is to earn up to 250$. to use at T-mobile. ( insert link here )"

Like I don't already have 250$. ( I have tons more ), but one year!? Seriously, I can get more for my birthday than that...