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Latest movies you've seen?


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What's the most recent new movie you've seen?
And when I say "new" I mean, a movie you have not seen previously?

Gah. I hope I'm making sense.
The last movie I saw was ?Hammer of the Gods?. It?s mainly about a couple of warriors and friends led by a young man named Steinar, who have to fulfill a difficult mission. The king, Steinar?s father, played by James Cosmo (which I like very much) orders him to find his brother Hakan. Will he find him or not, I?m not going to tell.

I found the movie deserving of a much bigger rating than the 4.5 it currently has on IMDB. I would give it a 6.3 and would so because the movie was rather enjoyable. It is obvious that it's is a low budget movie, yet the acting is decent and each actor gets into character quite well. The script is interesting and there are a couple of things I wasn?t expecting to happen. Steinar will have his work cut out for him, that's all I'm going to say.

I?ve seen so many movies with ratings of 6 or more than are far worse than this one.
The last one I saw was World War Z on the movies. I loved it!!! I thought the ending could be more dramatic, but it had me on my toes throughout the movie! It has a lot of action, suspense, but also some pretty funny parts. Plus, Brad Pitt did a pretty good job.
The Good the Bad and the Ugly.
I know it is pretty old movie, but I have just recently seen it and I liked it. :cool: