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Leeds Festival 2013


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Anyone else go? Anyone go to Reading?

Michael and I went this year and we really enjoyed it, apart from a few bits and pieces that could be improved on next year :p

We got two buses and two coaches down to the festival and spent around ten and a half hours travelling there and around the same time travelling back.
Our tent was like ?40 and less than waterproof. It pretty much just poured it down from Saturday 'til Monday, and everything we brought got drenched. We ended up buying two new sleeping bags, I had to buy a new shirt and leggings 'cause I had literally no dry clothes and [MENTION=29]Poontang[/MENTION] brought canvas shoes, which was clever, so we bought him wellies after they were ruined during the first day.
The mud was crazy. Half of the time the park was so wet there were small rivers running through the camp-sites, and the other half of the time the mud had dried out slightly and became impossible to walk through without almost losing a welly :p


(Not mine)

The food was expensive. Very expensive. No cheaper than a fiver for a burger, a tenner for any sized pizza, and a portion of noodles were like ?8. We ended up getting a bus to Tesco and living off of crisp sandwiches for the week, with the exception of a pizza at the beginning of the weekend and some chips at the end when we were desperate for something that didn't taste of bread and salt.

All that was worth it for the good stuff though.

We saw Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, System of a Down, and Green Day.
After like 5-6 years, I've finally seen Green Day and FOB :eek: Happiness doesn't even cover it.
What makes it even better, is we actually got to meet FOB and Bring Me The Horizon at signings! We got their signatures on a poster each, but we sadly forgot them when we got off the bus at Aberdeen :( Hopefully they'll turn up, but it's unlikely. Still, the main thing is we got to meet them. Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz asked how I was.. Andy Hurley tried to wipe away some smudge from his signature 'cause he felt bad it smudged.. Lee Malia smiled at me.. I got to thank Oli Sykes...*fangirls and dies*
Michael got a handshake from Patrick Stump. Jealousy, so much jealousy...


Patrick Stump hugging someone. Kinda sad I didn't get a hug



And here you can see Matt Kean's hands...

So yeah, that made my lifetime.

As for the actual shows, they were brilliant.
Fall Out Boy and Green Day were actually kinda difficult to get into, the atmosphere at festivals are different from proper concerts, so we mostly just watched and stayed near the back of the crowd.
Bring Me and System were a different story. Never seen Michael headbang before Bring Me.. :p We really got into it 'cause the atmostphere was better, and the crowd was quite nice and interactive. There were a couple of annoying people during System, one guy who had no elbow manners (never been elbowed in the boob so painfully and so often..) and one guy was trying to cop a feel. ****ing crowd pervs.

I could babble on about Leeds for hours, but I won't 'cause this is probably boring enough as it is :rolleyes:
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It is cool that you got to go. Sounds like you had a great time.
I am yet to go to a festival. :(
Festivals actually turned out to be dryer than it was near my local area. While Saturday was generally fine where I am, where I used to go to college and close by the roads were flooded, a few of my college friends' houses had been flooded, people had been evacuated and in some cases you could only see the top of a few cars that were stupid enough to drive under the underpasses where the water had built up.






It was so bad haha. Funnily enough, the ones who escaped it were the ones who went to the festivals over the weekend! I'm glad you had a good time, though. :D