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Hey there, I'm Lights!...well, that girl right there ^^ is, but you can call me Lights.

I'm a teenage male from planet earth but sometimes I drift of and I'm not really here on earth. I've got a passion for music and art. Lovin The Beatles, Owl City, Jason Mraz. Also into the Internet, or else I would be here would I?

Well that's me for the most part. See you around!
Glad to have you here. Have a great time!!
The Supreme Court does it again.

Well here is where our country lacks in allow we the people to have a voice. California Prop 8 was voted upon and passed because it won 52 percent of the states vote. So let me explain this all to you.

Prop 8 is a law that was put on the ballot in California to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Any gay rights supporters out their wait before shooting off your mouth before bashing this proposition. The prop passed with 52 percent of Californians voting for the bill. End of story right, wrong.

So gay rights groups challenged the prop saying it was unconstitutional. Now in reality when our country was created it was created to have a limited central government. Laws were suppose to be voted on a state by state basis. Over time this has stopped in many states who cede to Federal laws.

Though in reality some still vote on laws but the Fed steps in and says no anyway. Well the Supreme Court will not hear the case for the allowing the prop to become law. They said California Courts could hear the case because they recognized their standing.

This ruling by the Supreme Court upholds a ruling earlier made by another Federal district court. Their ruling was the prop was unconstitutional.

Now one may ask what is my problem with this. Hey I am not for gay marriage but if a state and its people vote a law to allow it you will hear no argument from me about. I will say more power to you good for you. If a state voted to make gay marriage a law you would not hear a peep out of the Supreme Court.

Now the Majority even if it was only a little over 50 percent (52 to be exact) voted against gay marriage. It was a majority none the less. So what did the Supreme Court do today? It took away the voice of those 52 percent of Californians and said you have no right to win and make a law a law.

That is unfair and against what this country was founded on.