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Living with wolves (documentary)


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This is one of the most fascinating documentaries I've ever watched. Worth a shot.
It put me under an even greater fascination for the wolf, which is already my favourite animal since years. <3
I'm watching this right now and genuinely enjoying it. I love wolves.
One thing I hate is how dramatic and rehearsed the people are? Like ask if they wrote it beforehand or something.

Otherwise, I loved this documentary! <3
Yeah, they're surely following a script and it makes it weird. Like the words have been chosen carefully. But then again I think it's so they don't wander off too much or something, idk.
But all the recordings omg, they're so dedicated to it. *.*
I know ;__; I only got to watch half and plan to watch the rest today. It's so beautiful seeing wolves like that. Other than pandas, canines are my favourite <3
Nice! Tell me HOW MUCH YOU CRIED how much you liked it then. *.* I watched it with my mother and she adored it as well.
Hah wolves <3
I teared up when their sister died :(

I can't help but feel sorry for the Omega wolf. I always knew there was an Alpha but putting one deliberately at the bottom makes me sympathize with them. Having to eat last when your own brother is Alpha must be hard.

I've got half an hour of it left, aww Jim and Jaime got married <3 n_n