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Longest Job you've had?



What's the longest job you've had?

I'm just a teenager so mine is probably short. My longest job was 8 months. It seems like a pretty long time though for a teenager. I got bored eventually and resigned. I'm still good friends with the boss though. :D
21 months. I'm surprised I stayed in it that long, I wanted to leave for the majority of it. The staff and managers were all immature ****s, to put it politely.
My current job, coming up to two years. A waste of ****ing time.
The longest job I had was 3 years.. I used to work at McDonalds for 3 years :/
To be honest, the longest job that I have ever had, have been my online jobs. I don;t like having to get up extra early in the morning or driving to a place of work, to have some idiot tell me what to do. I hate limitation and I love my freedom. I don't like to feel that I am trapped or obligated to do something in anyway. A job is an obligation. So I work from home. That way I am in control of how many hours I do. If I am sick one day, then I don't have to phone anyone up and sell my illness to them. I can just take the day off and start again the next day. The only thing is finding online work that pays well enough for you not to have to work offline in a 'real' job.

I have been working online since February this year and we are now in July. I have been doing more than one online job everyday too, so my longest jobs have lasted that long.
The longest job I've ever had is the current job I have now. I've been there 5 1/2 years so far and counting. I'm not really liking it, it's just a job I do to pay the bills. If I didn't have to worry about paying bills then I'd never go back to work.
Longest job I've had was for atleast 2 years working on and off for an agency called Renown Rail services was a engineer there in part with network rail was doing offtrack as well, but they since donwgraded and stopped offering or ringing me so I left and I'm now working in the cold storage warehouse for norbert dentressangle. I enoyed working as an Engineer, but I'm also engjoying now since I work nights and most of the time the time goes pretty fast.
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Longest job I've had was 6 months. I am a college student, and my constant schedule change makes it difficult for me to completely mesh with one job. I've worked 4 jobs now (I'm a junior).
The one I have right now. Working for myself. Over 20 years!
The job I have now is the only one I've had. Been working at my dad's office since the beginning of May this year. it's not bad.
I'd still be working at my last job if I hadn't gotten wiped out on my motorcycle in 2006. When that happened I'd been bartending at the Alibi for 6 years. Awesome people, fantastic customers, WONDERFUL money, never a slow or boring day. Best bartending job I'd ever had. I miss it like CRAZY!! Especially the money....
I've been working as a graphic designer for 2 years for the same company, I've got to say it's a fairly relaxed job and I've enjoyed it. It's also the longest I've worked at the same place, before this I worked a job for a year.