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Looking to get back into Competitive gaming


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So it has been a long time since we played Socom competitively (and Modern Combat *cough*) on the PS3 and a few of us are getting very itchy trigger fingers and are interested in playing something competitively again. But this time on the PC. This is going to be low ability gameplay at best but we are doing just for the fun of it really. All welcome but you best be up for it!

Anyone want to join us? Currently we are open to any suggestions really. Though preferably something with a community so we can get games going easier with people our level.
My preference would be Shootmania. I reckon elite mode games would be awesome. But its whatever the majority would want to play really.
I will have to look into that, never heard of it XD

Edit: Looks good, I just can't afford it atm haha
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Its like Quake 3 meets Counter Strike. TB does a good video on it.

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