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Mindfulness Meditation


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So, you are probably wondering....

"What the hell is Mindfulness?"

Well, Mindfulness is the practice of being mindful. What is being mindful? It's kind of exactly the way it sounds. Keeping your mind focused only on one thing at a time. When you are mindfully eating, you are only focused on eating. You are not listening to music, or watching TV while you eat. You are just eating. You are taking in each bite and fully tasting your food. You are focused on the textures, the tastes, the smells of your food. If you are eating mindfully, you feel more full with eating less because your brain has taken the time to register that your body has been fed.

Does that make sense?
When you are meditating mindfully, you are focused only on your body. Nothing else. Sometimes it helps to play some white noise while you focus on breathing and focus on your ears and the sounds they pick up.

Other times, you can mindfully listen to music. Pick a song that you like and focus solely on the lyrics. Focus on how the singer is singing, or how the musician is playing. What is the tempo of the song? How many breaths does the singer take? What is the song about? How many different instruments are being played at once? Asking yourself these kinds of questions can help you stay Mindful when your mind begins to wander off to other thoughts that have nothing to do with the music.

Mindfulness can help a lot with depression, over eating, and help to maintain your overall well being.

I dare you to give it a try, some time!