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Monarchism - agree or not?


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How do you feel about the Monarchy? Should be have one or not? Why or why not?

I'm starting to question how I feel about it a lot recently.
I think it's good that we keep tradition whereas a lot of countries no longer have it. I think it sets us aside from other countries in a great way! I think this royal baby malarkey is annoying a lot of people though, even the most patriotic! It'll die down soon enough.

It would be funny if they completely abolished it right now and then Kate and William would just be your average couple who had a baby.
They're too rich to become an average couple :p

I think monarchy is a terribly old-fashioned thing. The concept of one individual holding lots of power just because they were born in a certain family... It's just illogical. Of course, the British royal family has hardly any power now. But if they have no power, then what's the point of giving them lots of money for just existing?
Of course, I'm not British, so it's none of my business :p
I think it's exactly the opposite of what people have been fighting for, for the past 50 years or so.
Racial equality = fighting against people being disadvantaged in society because of an arbitrary trait.
Gender equality = fighting against people being disadvantaged in society because of an arbitrary trait.
Royal family = everything handed to them because of an arbitrary trait (who they're born to).

I don't think any kind of money from tourism and the like can justify creating a society where you know there'll always be people better than you just because of who they're born to. In the rest of society you can have people from lower classes being rich and higher classes being poor. Sure, it's more rare than people staying in the same class but at least there's a chance. With the royal family though, there's no chance of change because they don't have to work hard to achieve anything, they have it handed to them.

What the royal family have become to me seems like a soap or a celebrity family people are obsessed with, which keeps people having this stupid sense of national pride because of a family which a proportion of their earnings go towards to support their luxury lifestyle. It's essentially there to be a symbol of patriotism, much like how the founding fathers are in America, but it's close to edging to indoctrination when you're told all your life "the royal family's good (with no justification as to why), the army's good (which no decent justification as to why) and the majority of people in the country believe it with no thought whatsoever.
In the past, kings and queens controlled the country. They decided what happened and what didn't and if you went against them, you got jailed, beheaded, or other nasty ways of dying. Now we have a "democracy" and yet we still keep the monarchs as pets, it's stupid.
Living in the United States, I don't live under a monarchy. However, I don't fault those who do live in one. I think for some this is a way of life, and something that they have grown accustom to having. Yes, for some countries like Great Britain the Monarchy is more a figure head now then anything else, but it still tradition for those living there.
I have no opinion. That's how irrelevant the monarchy is to my daily life and the daily life of my country. If they're just there for tradition, and they don't intervene on legislation/politics, I don't care.
I'm against monarchy. I agree with Slightly how it doesn't affect me much but to know they have power they weren't voted is just undemocratic so no thanks.
I know a lot of people see the Queen as a monarch, but she really has very little to do with anything like kings and queens once did in history - she's barely a part of anything other than waving at people and meeting other people in similar positions. The royal family now are just a family of wealthy faces, and one particular face is on our currency.

Having a democratic ruling in the UK, the term monarch isn't really used anymore. Actually, I hadn't heard it for a while until now, as the last time it was used for me was in my history class.