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What is your most hated/disliked sports. I dislike Golf, don't know what the game is all about and it is very confusing :huh:
swimming... i hate that because I might suffocate and drown and etc.
Oh i haven't tried swimming..
Jason said:
Oh i haven't tried swimming..
And why not Jason? And I hate diving too (diving into pools and etc). Not scuba diving because scared of heights.
Becoz with my flappy body i don't want to try it :D
I don't like cricket!!! The ball is too hard and bowled too quickly to play, and boring to watch
Cricket or tennis, i find them too boring. I hate watching it. oh and darts too!
Castle said:
I like to play it, but hate watching it, Golf.
Borin or dull to tears man, Golf... I can't endure it nor bear it or put up with it... XDD
I like mostly action adventure anime, but I've watched all types of genres. As long as I'm able to follow the story, then most likely I'll end up watching at least a season to see if it's any good. If I like it after that, then I usually finish all seasons.
I like action and adventure animes as well as anything sci-fi. Although I guess since I'm getting older I also enjoy some of the slice of life animes and anything with any sort of romance in it. I like the animes with a clear love interest that end without the stupid harem forming.

It's so hard for me to find a manga I will enjoy. I'm pretty picky about art style and content. I like realistic and bloody seinen where good guys don't always win. Examples: Green Blood, Shigurui Death Frenzy, Hideout, Kansen Rettou, Afro Samurai, Black Lagoon.

If anyone has manga recommendations similar to the above, or wants to discuss the above (especially Green Blood & Shigurui) hit me up.