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MULTI-PLAYER - Games Bring us Together


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I think this is incredibly sweet.

I used to be made fun of a lot when I was younger, and I struggled to keep friends.
But I made a lot of friendships through online games, and other places.

I like to think those people were able to give me more confidence to make real friends. And I like to think that despite the distance, I can say those people are as real to me, as my real life friends are.

It's amazing how video games can bring us all together. :eek:

"Get off the computer, and go make friends", my parents would say.

I say I've done just that. I have friends throughout the globe, and to me, I'll always cherish them.
I have two friend I met on an online game about 7 years ago. I'm still great friends with them, have met one in reality and the other is in Denmark.
My boyfriend is my collegue at uni, but our relationship got stronger when he showed me League of Legends and started to game together almost daily, making us chat a lot as well XD
I've been gaming online since I was 12, and since then I've met some pretty amazing people including [MENTION=11]Devin[/MENTION], [MENTION=12]sileter[/MENTION], [MENTION=57]SammyB[/MENTION] and [MENTION=48]Alan D[/MENTION]. Though it has it's negatives, gaming can very much be a positive and enlightening experience for many people. As a person I've developed myself based on things I've learned throughout my years of gaming. I've lost friends, I've made enemies, I've taken part in big disagreements...but I've also been leader of two fairly successful gaming clans, respected by quite a few people and enjoyed being part of a huge gaming community; these experiences have all helped me develop in the long-run.

A lot of people say gaming is for geeks or that gamers have no life, because they don't fully understand and/or appreciate what video games can mean to people and what they can do for others. I probably wouldn't be around right now if it wasn't for gaming, because I wouldn't have made the great friendships that I have now.
I've met some amazing people due to online gaming. I currently have 3 good friends that live in America and a few from Holland. I also have my good friends [MENTION=1]Kirk[/MENTION] and [MENTION=12]sileter[/MENTION] who I have met in person when he came to one of my birthday drunken messes XD The best place where I have ever met people though was WoW. I still speak to a few people I met on there and I've also met people who live in my area and I know either there family or there other half which I find incredible due to when that happened WoW was at it's peak with 10M+ subs.

I think gaming in general is great. It improves your hand eye co-ordination, increases your reflexes and it can also teach you. Long live gaming!