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What gets you interested in a song, whether it is the music or the lyrics or both.

My first attraction would be music, if i love the music i go for the song and listen deep about the lyrics.
I'm in the same boat as you. At first, I can really care less what the song means, as long as it's something I like listening to! But for songs I've listened to for awhile, I really do like analyzing the lyrics.
iPhonefreak said:
I just listen to the music...don't really care about the lyrics.

Why wouldnt ya? I mean, thats the important part in a song right oh? XDD
The tune of the music get's me before the lyrics do usually but the lyrics come shortly after.

If it has good lyrics but a bad tune I won't listen.
The lyrics really matter to me. An artist has to have meaning behind their songs for me, not ones who are just out there to make money.
I agree with Steve_hopey, some meaning behind their songs...not a rubbish or funny lyrics.
I'll be honest: I don't care about lyrics at all. Not even a little. I do make music myself, (emphasis on the MUSIC,) so that probably denotes a bias on my part, but I also think it represents a reality many of the mainstream artists are forgetting nowadays.

When someone is blasting music in their expensive tricked-out car in their neighborhood or on their way to a night club, they turn that music up because of what it sounds like, not because of what is being said. Poetic lyricism IS fascinating, but I think that music should be what is emphasized the most in this industry, but it seems to be neglected the most instead, especially if you live in the United States.

I think music today is suffering, not because the lyricism is bad, (It's definitely bad these days,) but because when it comes to what the Pop/rap/rock tends to sound like these days, it's all complete garbage. Complete and utter [size=x-large]GARBAGE[/size].