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My mind is messing with me....


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Tonight I am finally getting an old tattoo covered. This one -
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- will finally be covered by my old dog's face. Here she is....

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Anyway.... The spot on my shoulder where the work will be done is aching like a son of a ****. I know it's all in my mind; cover ink is even more painful than new ink and my brain has decided to make the spot ache even before I get to the tattoo parlor. I was griping to my ol' man about it, and he told me it was my mind toughening up my arm so I'd be prepared for the upcoming agony. I thought that was pretty **** clever and it made me feel much better.
No idea why I decided to share this 20 minutes before I have to head to the inkslingers, but, there it is.
Wish me luck! I'll post the new ink when it's done.
My artist said it should take about 4 hours. We'll see if I can hold out that long.
Good luck and we want to see after it is done.
Good luck and I hope to see the new picture. Hope you won't be in too much pain, as well.
Thanks for the well wishes, folks! It didn't do much good, though.... My shoulder feels like I got punched by a heavyweight for about 4 hours! LOL!!
But I LOVE the end result!! It's my first tat with color, and it covered something that really needed to disappear. It perfectly matches the picture I gave him to work from and I was very pleased that it looks EXACTLY like Bogey.

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That is impressive! The detail is awesome, too.

He really did an amazing job.
Initially, I was going to have him put her name beneath the image, but after sleeping on it, I decided to have just her face.
The artist also darkened my Son's name on my other shoulder which was great to have done. It had faded pretty badly and it looked like "osh" instead of "Josh".
Next comes my peace sign tat!