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NameCheaps $1.99 Tomorrow


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So there was an announcement at the start of last week on namecheap.com that if they got 10,000 likes on their facebook page before the 6th we would get .coms, .nets, and .orgs for $1.99 (one domain per account).

Since they took it down yesterday at 56,000 likes I am wondering if they are still going to do it or if it was a cheap trick to up their facebook likes.

If it does happen tomorrow will you be grabbing one?
I don't really see the point in having a large number of likes on Facebook lol. I thought that this was a nice idea. I'd buy one for sure, it's just in time.
wow nice, they have reached the 10000 likes and giving us domain with low price ...cool
I got a domain from them and i am happy with my purchase
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