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NCIS is a very good show. The whole house watches it when we can.
I love NCIS so much, but I haven't had time to catch up with it for ages.

They're getting rid of Cote de Pablo? What? I hadn't heard of this :eek:mg:
Awesome! Glad I'm not the only one, hehe! I can't believe they're giving the boot to Cote de Pablo, it won't be the same without her. :(

Ziva is leaving on her own. She was not booted, she chose to move on to other things.
I LOVE this show. Been watching it since it came out, and you guys are right; it won't be the same without Ziva's character.
It IS a shame, [MENTION=1565]WalkingChillPill[/MENTION]! Ziva can not be replaced. I'm wondering how she'll make her exit. Will they kill her off? Will she leave NCIS to go back and work with Mossad?
Take off and go hunt her father's killer?
If they bring in another actor to fill Ziva's desk as another agent on the team, that actor will not be received well, I don't think. Changes the entire scope of the program and I don't know if I can get used to it. I guess we'll just have to see.
I watch it sometimes but i'd rather watch NCIS LA because of Daniela Ruah :D
Anyway, i find that emo girl and ziva and the boss pretty awesome
Sweet mother of god if they kill her off I'll be so upset! They've killed off so many people already! And I agree, yet another new team member waltzing in won't be stomached too well with fans.




I think its good, I enjoys watching it kinda like other similar ones on TV but not the biggest fan. Sometimes the storylines are a bit too predictable.. I like the cast though!
I enjoy it watched all up to the end of season 10. Need catch up on 11 also watched all of NCIS: LA also Daniela Ruah [MENTION=5]Riven[/MENTION] I would .
ZIVA is leaving! and then it will be boring because who will yell at DiNozzo
I love the show, though it is a shame that Ziva is leaving. When they killed off Kate, I thought the show would not be as good, but Ziva brought a new dimension to it. Hopefully here replacement can do the same.
I agree, I am struggling to adjust to the new team member. Don't get me wrong I am still enjoying NCIS, but it just doesn't feel right atm.