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If you are going to start a forum, what will be your choice other than your favorite forum software.

Mine would be Xenforo.(from MyBB)
My favorite software is XenForo, and the forum I would love to have instead of my current forum software which is MyBB as well. I would love to have it, it is sleek, professional, and has all the basic needs any forum should have on it, built right into the program!
Oh vice versa of my Pivetor.
I guess I would go with phpbb or smf because I don't want to pay for forum software and honestly I don't even like Xenforo or VBulliten very much at all. My favorite is mybb by far.
phpbb is nice, smf is little complicated for me :)
I honestly just made the switch to XenForo because I love it so much :) I prefer it over everything. But for members that cannot afford it, I still recommend MyBB.
Congrats on the switch Pivetor. Hope everything works well for you.
Streaming services, MP3s, or CD?

How do you get your music: through streaming services such as Spotify, MP3s or through CD?

I use Google Music All-Access myself, a streaming service that associates with my Google account. It's the same price as Spotify Premium ($9.99/mo), and it's less glitchy on my rooted Nook Color (CyanogenMod 9/Android 4). For example, Spotify would say some songs are downloaded when they really were not.
I go with good old MP3s, because the only time I'd be able to use a streaming service would be when I have wireless. My phones 3G is just too bad to try and stream music ... So it's easier to just keep mp3s on all my devices so I have music everywhere.