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Nintendo Wii U


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We all know how poor the Wii U sales were. It's the worst selling Nintendo console to date, and I think many people were confused with it's name. I worked in retail when the Wii U was brand new, and I remember hearing people talking about older customers coming in the store and getting confused on what the difference was between the Wii and Wii U were. XD Anyways I got a Wii U again about a year ago. I like it better than the original Wii, when it comes to the design of the console. I know most of the better Wii U titles have been ported to the Switch but I'm sure there are some decent titles that have yet to make it to Nintendo's newest console. I want to know, what did you think of the Wii U? Did you like this console and thought it had potential or did you not care for it? I thought it had potential, but I do prefer the Switch over it. If you have any game suggestions too I'd like to hear them!