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Of Rhythmic Disturbances


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In the depths of oblivion.
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Of Rhythmic Disturbances

It's quiet again. Thump, thump, thump.
I can hear my heart beating.
Questions that I can't answer slowly eat away at me, leaving me wondering how much more I can take.
Am I worth it? Is there something wrong with me? What have I done to deserve this? Why does everyone hate me?
I'm wondering how much longer my heartbeat will go on. I feel as if my soul is gone.

Tick, tick, tick.
The rhythmic monotony of the clock continues as my life spins out of control.
Sameness. As I listen, with every tick, feelings that for the life of me, I can't describe rage inside my head.
They want out, but I refuse to let them. I go quiet.
Anger, loneliness, hurt, pain. It all runs together as one amplified emotion. It hurts immensely. The pain is just too much.

It's raining outside. Drip, drip, drip.
As raindrops pelt down on the rooftop, I finally let go. My fists pound the wall and the flesh on my face torn.
I begin to sob uncontrollably as the emotional pain is freed, and the physical pain begins.
Emotionally, I am void. My mind is now empty, a hole. A nothing.
I am nothing. I stare at the wall until suddenly, the sun begins to shine.

Isn't it funny how your life can change in an instant, but some things stay in constant rhythm?
The tick of the clock, the beat of a heart, the rain... unlike life, a series of rhythmic disturbances.


I'd forgotten about this one! I wrote this several years back. It was posted on TF, but I don't think the majority saw it. What are your thoughts? Do you know what it means?
This is beautiful Dani and I really, really like it.
Admittedly I don't know what it's about ;-;