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Any X-Zoner's here own or run a gaming website here. If so how is your experience running it. Do you get good no of gamers to your site?
I running a forum with a game section. It is an active community. I want more traffiic
i'm running a gaming forum, it has a small amount of regular visitors, but it's very hard to get many active members for a gaming forum.
Agree with you Gamer. As it is over saturated niche we need something new to attract users :(
I run a gaming forum and it's been a long hard 5 years keeping it active. Making it a general gaming forum put me at a disadvantage as most want to stick to a single system forum.

But it all comes down to standing out from the others.
Man u are running the site for 5 years.. My goodness :eek:
Agree Gamer, we need something totally different to attract members :)
I have tried my hand in a gaming forum, it's alot of work and there are so many out that you have to be so different to stand out.
bugara1 said:
A gaming forum would probably need a dark theme and i hate dark themes so...

That's a very old misconception. There's a light blue trend or light orange/yellow trend going on in video game based websites now. :)

Besides that, white seems to be the color of the more popular websites.
bugara1 said:
A gaming forum would probably need a dark theme and i hate dark themes so...
Gaming forums aren't criminal forums you know. I don't know where you dreamt up gaming forums would need a dark theme.

My gaming forum doesn't have a dark theme.
I had a gaming blog: Strobe Gaming which I ran for over a year but because of not having enough time I had to close it down :(
Sad King, you don't have the backup of it?

It's quite the anime. It's a bit graphic but hear me out... It's a style used where you have multiple characters but madness seems to take them. It causes them to murder those closest to them. One recognized character there is Shion Sonozaki, sister and twin of Mion Sonozaki. She is a sadist.
Basically, what that is: A person who gets enjoyment out of hurting or causing pain to others. Here's a picture of her.

If you're interested, I could tell you more about her or the other characters. Just ask I guess :p
I would enjoy talking about the story and the characters a bunch!
Majority don't succeed due to less hope and interesting stuffs