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Painless at 30 or Painful at 70?


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To expand on the title, I would like to know if you would rather only live to the age of 30 but have a completely painless death, such as in your sleep, or whether you would like to live to the age of 70, but experience an extremely painful and torturous death, like being burned/buried alive?
That is very sadistic. And interesting... I can't answer haha. You didn't answer yourself? ;)
Yes, it is a tad sadistic. But I've always said I didn't want to grow old to the stage of having to have someone look after me (seen as a mental pain in itself), or being in a huge amount of pain and being unable to do anything about it (no euthanasia).

It is a very hard question to answer. While dying young and painless I won't have been able to experience my life to the full (not that I'm even experiencing much in life at the moment), while dying older and painfully I will have experienced life - with my outlook on life at times that could possibly be a negative thing - but I could not imagine how it would feel. Not only are you in pain, but you know that you're going to die in that pain too - not quickly either.

I think I'd have to say die at thirty painlessly, if I knew I was going to die then I probably would try to live my life and experience everything I can before my time is up.