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Nowadays, one of the most important problems is pollution. There are many kind of pollutions. For example, Air pollution, water pollution and many others. Many factories produce gas which are very harmful for people and for the environment. How can we protect the Earth? Are you anxious about this phenomenon?
Personally, I am volunteer in many organizations which want to protect our planet. We organize events, parties and we inform people about this ugly phenomenon. I want to protect the Earth because of my children and because of my grand-children. Animals are suffering from our actions and we don't do anything. We must act. Now!
I really don't want to sound rude or selfish, but I don't give a **** about global warming.

I try not to litter because it makes the community look messy and gives someone else more work, and I try recycle (my family don't bother) because I like to help a little, but I don't really read into global warming or cut out anything that crazy.

All I know is, being a vegetarian somehow dramatically reduced my carbon footprint so unless some electric-car driving, vegetarian, 5* recycler is telling me to not pollute the planet then I don't think I'll listen too well.
Preservation of the planet is admirable, but foolish. Many of the things you use every day (including the computer you posted this on!) were created in those pollution-spewing factories you hate so much. Printing those flyers for your events? Petrol-driven machines cut down the trees for the paper, the paper was made in a factory, the printer you use to print them out was also made in a factory.

Do you live in a house? If so, most of the stuff inside it was made in, or with the aid of, those pollution-spewing factories.
Well I do recycle and whatnot as it's a bit pointless not to reuse what you can, but I drive a petrol car around so I'm still doing my part in polluting. When hydrogen cars become a more common thing then I see no reason not to get one as it'll be far cheaper to run whilst also being better for the environment, but the current toll I'm having on the environment isn't really on the top of my mind. My friend on the other hand has nightmares about the future of the Earth (true story).

A viable option to cut down pollution would be to switch to nuclear power but then many people are apposed to it due to the (extremely unlikely) risks. You can't win really - someone is always pissed about something.
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