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Does your site offers premium membership for the users?? Till now i haven't planned it for X-Zone4u, soon might be adding it to the forum.
Premium membership works well if you have trusted and loyal members in the site. It doesn't work well for all.
Premium Membership can work if you do it right...
You need to offer members something good enough to pay. Extra PM space and a custom user title will not be enough anymore, maybe it was in the 90's but not so much anymore. Offer something unique that no other forum is offering, start a trend with it and watch the premium members roll in.
You also want to focus on real members as well :) Actual members that enjoy the niche, no post exchange members and stuff like that.
Step 1 stop drinking beer ;) JK.
When I got fat I did a crash diet, everyone say's they don't work because you put the weight back on again, no, not if you go back to a normal healthy diet and exercise regularly.
If your wondering I just drank water and ate celery, with the occasional bowl of instant noodles, for 3 weeks.
Check out the youtube channel sixpackshortcuts, their 5 min belly fat DESTROYER is a nice combination of cardio and conditioning you do every day. Not really any shortcuts at all, at all just a combination of diet, fat burning, and ab strengthening. (like sarahpalinssexslave suggested)

The guy warns about exercising obliques unless you have like almost fat around the waist. The theory being if you increase their size while you still have fat it will make it look like you have more jelly roll then you actually do.
Stop drinking beer :p the carbs from beer are killer, also running and cardio will help definitely. Going on a diet would be good as well. All things fiber will help your body get rid of unnecessary waste in your body.
I actually gained weight from all that. I run 1.5 miles every other day, bike for 30 minutes, and do sit ups. I drink a gallon of water a day too.
Well, you could try the controversial method of smoking alcohol. It does come with its risks, but you get drunk without all the intake of the calories. You should check out this video:

Raizen said:
I've seen that before. Seems odd. ROFL

I think it's more of a fad then anything. Pretty sure after some people smoke alcohol for a bit and start spitting up blood, then it won't be as popular. Still, as long as you don't do it every drink session, then I think you would be fine.
I don't have it in my forum yet, but may do it for a business web site later on. And yea to provide a premium membership of course there should be some special offers as an exchange with the value. Like additional service, additional information, priority, etc.