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Psychical or mental job?


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Would you rather work in a job that required you to work psychically, for example, builder, brick layer, sales assistant, driver etc.
Although I do know those job include mental work too.
Or a more mental job; accountant, teacher, lawyer etc


I'd rather do a mental job, assuming I had the skills and know how :p
Physically? Isn't Psychic when you can like read people's minds n stuff

Maybe a combination... Idk I want to be a Police detective :D
Physically? Isn't Psychic when you can like read people's minds n stuff

"Physical" has to do with the body. The word "Psychic" is the alleged ability to read people's minds.

I got the best of both when I was a bartender. I was on my feet for 8 - 10 hours a day, almost never stopped moving, I was constantly bending over the sink, down into the coolers, carrying cases of beer, bottles of booze, trays full of food, and on most days, I had to be on top of my mental game, as well. I worked days in a bar that sat over 70 people and I worked alone. To wait on everyone, pour drinks, cook food, run Keno games, keep up on dishes, cash paychecks and all the rest, I was ALWAYS busy. I'd give a year off my life to go back to bartending.
Yeah that's what I just said haha I was referring to what the title and thread said, but it doesn't matter I'm just really confused rn

I work a job right now that requires both, but it's more physical.
I like the job, and I love the residents, but I just feel like my mind isn't engaged enough. I more or less feel like a zombie slugging away.
Most probably mental, and keep my physicality in my exercise for afterwards. I've always liked intelligence, and I somewhat have some, so it'd be nice to put it to good use.
A mental job that's not tedious. Physical jobs can be performed by robots; they'll do a much better job than any human.
I definitely prefer "intellectual" work over physical one. It might be just because I'm lazy, though. :beguiled:
I'd rather use my brain than destroy my body if I had a choice.
although i have mental job but the health problems with long sittings and the additional time required for workout sometimes make wish to have some physical job too
Mental. I am weak physically, can't even open a bottle of gatorade or lift anything more than 5kg. But I can stay up all night solving mathematical equations and my work as of now is more mentally challenging so I am loving it.
I have done both types, i've worked on building site, in house doing decoration, woodwork, etc.. and also done call centre jobs and computer work. :p The builder type works are good in the summer, but murder in the winter. :p