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So long as it's on Netflix, anything goes. Just so you know, I'm all caught up on The Walking Dead, am watching Breaking Bad and Arrested Development, and just started Lost. I have no particular likes or dislikes. Oh yeah, movies are cool too. I don't watch movies all that often so anything you recommend, it's likely I haven't watched it yet.
I honestly would recommend checking out a new show that has great ratings so far. The name of the show is Under the Dome.
The plot and visual effects of this show are just mind blowing which is the main reason why I got so sucked in since the first episode.
Now I literally have a timer for each Monday when this show airs so that I don't miss it. I rarely get this excited about new tv shows so this speaks volumes on its own.
Hope you take my advice and check it out!
You won't be disappointed!
If you like sci-fi you can get into some of the series like Star Trek or Torchwood.

If you start at the first movies, you can follow the whole story and this makes it more interesting.
Like other people have said before me, Lost, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones are amazing and you must check them out!
Arrow is good if you like superheroes and action.

As for movies.. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favourites at the moment, good if you're a loser like me. I don't think you are but oh well haha.
Game of thrones. :3

This is my Son's all-time favorite show EVER. It sounds really cool; I would like to see it.
If you like cop shows, check out any and every season of NYPD Blue. The later seasons are better, but they're all good.
If you like comedy, one show I own every single episode of and can lip-sync along while the show plays is M*A*S*H. Still the best show ever aired on TV.
Movies? Some of my favorites:
The Departed
The Godfather
(all of them)
The Shining
(the remake is even better than the original)
X-Men (all of them)
The Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
I could go on and on, but that should get you started!
Shows I watch

Breaking Bad
Big Bang Theory
How I met your Mover
Young Justice
Sons of Anarchy (MUST WATCH)
The Office (USA as I hate Ricky Gervais)

If they aren't on netflix, or netflix US (I can tell you how get that, so much better than the UK) then use 1 channel. It's called yoddle now or something but it's really good and give different links to different websites
perception, true blood, the vampire diaries, flash forward, last resort, vikings, ....
I'm with [MENTION=1583]Raven[/MENTION] on the Supernatural. It's sooooo good!
Black Adder is hilarious, well... for me, anyway. Or there's Torchwood and Dr Who?