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So yeah, fav sandwich fillers? mine would be: pepper, onion, ham, turkey, and tuna. And also, grilled-cheese. Miam!
Postworker25 said:
My favourite sandwiches are thuna, cheese, salami and onion.

Sorry not their fan, I'd prefer or rather some BBQ chicken or whatever... some real nice or genuine meat... XDD
Woman electrocuted by iPhone dies

I read a story today about a lady in China who was using her iPhone whilst it was on charge and unfortunately was electrocuted and died. It has been said that she was using an actual iPhone charger as opposed to a cheap copy you may get over in China.

I was wondering how many people actually use their phone whilst it is on charge and if you do, will this story make you change your ways?

I've personally never had a problem using it on charge so I'll probably continue!
You shouldn't have any problem with this unless the charger, wires or phone have a problem. And you shoudn't touch any electrical widgets with wet hands/face/whatever.

This woman probably did something wrong. There are millions of chargers (even cheap copies and cheap phones) and I don't believe many have been electrocuted. I think this woman is the first to actually die from this.
I play with my phone (not an iPhone) while it's charging on a cheap china charger, and I've never had this problem. All I can say is, that family better take this opportunity to sue the pants off Apple XD
I don't talk much on it while it's charging, but that's because the cord is too short. Lol I haven't had a problem while playing on it, though.
Too lazy to read the article, but did it mention what she was doing on the phone? I'm just curious. But really, I'd like to know if she was addicted to Candy Crush or something and it came back to bite her.
One thing that I noticed with a couple of my charge cords.... After a while, the outside material wore off and exposed the wires. This happened for most of the whole length if the cord in patches. I immediately replaced all the cords this was happening to as t thought it might be dangerous to touch those wires if it were plugged in. These were all iPhone cords that came with the phones when bought and not stored in any way except to leave them on the desk when not in use.

Don't know if anyone else has had that experience.
That's just odd. One would think that the phone wouldn't hold enough of a charge to electrocute someone. Shock...yeah...but electrocute?
This was one of those stories that you read and think wow that was a one in a million stroke of bad luck.
:agreed: This forum is making me hungry too. Anyways, I buy a lot of cold cuts at the local Publix. I also buy sandwich bread (like Subway type). I cut them in half, put the meats and cheeses I want on the bread, and toast it up. At the end, it's all good!