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Shrimp Burgers


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These burgers are the best: the ingredients you'll need are as follows: ground beef or ground turkey, shrimp & chopped onions. Seasonings are as follows: Zatarans seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, Italian seasoning & liquid smoke. Make the burgers the same way you would make a regular burger w/ the seasoning from above. The extra step would be to add the shrimps & onions into the meat patties before pounding them flat. They taste best when done on the grill outside w/ charcoal but I'm sure they're tasty done on the stove. If you try these burgers please let me know how yours come out. They are my best burgers I make to this day.... ENJOY :)
Never heard of them before today... only gotten wind of chicken burgers and cheeseburgers. XDD
The Borgias.

Well I went to the library and took out Season 1 of The Borgias. It looks good I am hoping it is good.
I have watched the first two episodes. So far I must say I like it very interesting. It is based off a true story. Though I know the show has embellished it quite a bit. Though I still would say the show is first rate. I will keep this up to date as I progress through the first season.