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I've been pretty depressed for a while, after a realitization that I'm a mental idiot who can only talk about one thing at a time and doesn't have the mental capacity to work out in the real world or that I'm just plain incapable of being responsible for myself. I would get off my meds if my doctor wasn't so hell-bent on me being on medication and all "anti-natural treatment". What should I do? I do turn 18 next month, should I start looking for places, start new or just talk to my parents about how I feel?
One thing when I do when I'm feeling down is go for a run, and work out. I think talking to your parents how you feel is also a good option, who knows, they could even help you.
Hi Suzaku. Never put yourself down or I will come and spank you. :eek:

You are NOT a mental idiot, instead your posts show you as an intelligent person.
Talking to your parents who love you or to a trusted friend is always a good idea.

True life can be hard at times, but there is much that is wonderful.

Ride out the bad times and rejoice in the good ones. As you get older things will settle down and life will make more sense. Take heart and all will be well.
Thanks. I was honestly pretty upset last night, because someone was putting me down as "I only talk about what I like" and the site refused to do anything. To be honest, the doctor has shown approval of me getting off some of my meds, so I'm slowly getting off. Thanks for the uplifting post! :)
If you have any issues here, which we hope you shouldn't, let me or Kirk know and we'll kick **** sort it out n_n

I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough time. I had a real rough patch too, but never went to the doctors so I'm all un-diagnosed.

Feel better! :=D:
It's good to hear you're coming off your meds. But be sure you are doing so because you feel ready!
I also think it would be beneficial to talk to your parents about how you are feeling. You'd be surprised at how willing parents are to help their child when they are having a rough time, such as this! I don't see the big rush in moving out yet. If you don't feel ready to be independent, then just take your time. There are not many people who move out as soon as they turn 18, and if they do, they end up moving right back in only a year or so afterwards.
Take care of yourself, though! That's the most important thing!