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Would you like to stay as a member or start your own forum and be a staff in it.

After owning 3 sites, my opinion would be to be a member from now on. No more new sites and like to stay as a member as long as i can :D
Take part in a forum as a member Jason, because too much pressure on one's shoulder if you're staff member.
I wish that I knew what you were talking about because I find it facinating that you seem to be the only staff member running this site. It seems that you have to be all over the place, and that you have to spend a lot of time checking on each thread to reply in a timely manner. Interesting...if i may say so.
The thing is, do you like be a admin like me for your own forum or just like a member who just replies to the thread and go off.
Royal baby

Does anyone follow the stories about the royals and their new baby? That's all I see on every web page I've been to in the last week (with the exception of here, lol).
Nope, I didn't care to read or watch any of the news stories about the royals baby. The best information I got about it is maybe a few titles I accidentally read on reddit. Don't get why people care about a "royal" baby.
I think it's kind of refreshing to hear some good news for a change.

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