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The Alphabet Game [I Went to the Supermarket to Buy Some...]


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Now, this game is a mixture of two. One is a popular forum game where you would list things beginning with each letter of the alphabet, in order of the alphabet.
The other was a game that my family would play when we all got together years ago. We would sit in a circle and each person would say... 'I went to the supermarket to buy some... apples.'
The next person in the circle would then say 'I went to the supermarket to buy some... apples and bananas'.
This would carry on until someone could no longer list everything that was said in the circle. However, on a forum it's pretty hard to 'forget' what the items were before.

Each person will go through each letter of the alphabet with an item.
The words must be real, and must also be things that you can buy from a supermarket.
The first poster starts with A, the second poster will then name an item beginning with B, the third with C and so on.
Once Z is reached, the game starts again. The poster after Z can choose whether to go backwards (x - a) or start from the beginning again (a-z).
Please try to avoid using words from the previous game if this is the case, but it can become understandably hard so can be done.

I went to the supermarket to buy some apples.

Sorry if the game threads I create seem a bit over-done. I'm just trying to make them look fun. ;D
I love the layout. O_O Feel like doing this for all of 'em? :lol:
I can try. Would you want them all in this theme, or a custom one? :)
I went to the supermarket, and what do I see? A ham is smiling back to me! :)
I went to the supermarket and bought some italian dressing.