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What are all the countries you like to pay a visit.. I know everyone has one..here is my list.

Dubai, Malaysia & Singapore.
I'd love to be to or set foot to Asian places like Vietnam, Japan, Korean, to try out their foods & absorb their culture...
I love to travel to Greece it is one of the most popular and beautiful country for tourist destinations in the world due to its historic sites, islands, beaches and a wide range of towering mountains. The most popular and attractive places of Greece are; Santorini, Mykonos, Meteora, Delphi theater, Lindos etc.
I would like to travel Paris and Switzerland (the most romantic places).
I'd love to go to America, LA in particular. Next is Glasgow, Scotland.

I've only ever been to France as a separate country, but still in Europe, as is Scotland. I'm clearly pushing the boat out here. ;)
Along with everywhere in Europe (Italy, France, and the Netherlands in particular), I'd love to go to Japan. Inside the States, I've never been to the west coast, so thats on my list, as well as Alaska and DC.
Hi Friends,

My dream country is Japan, I do not know if every thing permits me I visit Japan via Hong Kong or Phillippines.

I wish to take world tour also a dream, for all these we must have money.