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[TT] Open Up For The Music World [#1]


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Welcome to the very first Twitter Trends thread, where I will go out of my way (not really) to find what is trending on one of the biggest worldwide social networking sites, Twitter. In each of these consecutive threads I will look into why the topic is trending, read up and give you a little background information where possible, discuss the details of the topic and you'll all get to leave your ideas, opinions and general talk on the subject by replying to the thread. It's highly possible that I will stick to posting one of these threads a week, ideally Tuesday would be the better day: Twitter Trends on Tuesdays :cool:. Obviously, today's thread is being posted on a Monday, dependent on what timezone you're currently in.

With the US being the dominant group of the internet populations, a lot of Worldwide trends will be formed around more Americanised topics. However, I'll still take a poke around in other locations, such as the United Kingdom (of course), and wherever you guys would want me to look, really - just let me know and I'll work on it for the following TT thread. Also, any topics that are trending will be bold, as quite a lot of the topics tend to merge together. Now, without further ado I'll get onto the topics that are currently trending!

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Now, Miley Cyrus is actually trending for more than one reason today, and she has been up on the trends for many hours. One of the reasons is because of the release of her new single, Wrecking Ball. I picked up on this with an earlier post reviewing the song which you can find here. Unfortunately, the music video is now not working as it has been taken down for copyright reasons and I do not have the power to edit the thread, but there's still versions being uploaded regularly on YouTube that you should be able to find pretty easily. The other reason Miley Cyrus is trending, with both negative and positive tweets, is because she is participating in the VMAs, another topic which is trending.

For those who are not aware, the VMAs are Video Music Awards hosted by the popular MTV. This is supposedly a chance to honour the best in the music video medium. Robin Thicke is said to be headlining the awards, with Lady Gaga opening with her newest hit: Applause. Other Artists include the likes of Kanye West, Katy Perry, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Justin Timberlake and Drake. In addition to this NSYNC are in fact Reuniting at the VMAs, with lots of happy and intrigued faces - though there are still the underlying negative comments floating around. I find it hard to believe that these people purposely seek out an artist's actions to hurl abuse at them over one of the biggest social networking sites.

Unfortunately, this is a rather short thread as it's pretty late - well... early. It's just a bit of testing the waters for now and getting the general gist of the idea. I don't intend to bore anyone, so sorry if I did. :rolleyes: TT will possibly return next week on Tuesday!