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Turning 18


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So on August 26th, I'll be an adult according to US law (I'm turning 18). I am a bit worried about turning that age, having to get a job, learning to drive, and possibly finding my own place later. How did you guys over 18 handle turning that age? Thanks for replying.
I'm turning 18 this year too. I doubt much will change until I leave for uni though :p
I played video games, probably; that's how I handled it.

I guess it was a little daunting, but I wasn't overly concerned. :D
Nothing really changes, it's not like it's necessary to get a job and stuff, you can carry on with education.
I moved out before 18 and have recently turned 18, I'm going to uni in September so I have my plans sorted out.
You don't suddenly become independent when you turn 18.
It's really no different than being 17, or 16 even. I'd say, unless your parents plan of throwing you out by 18, then you shouldn't have to worry too much about finding a job. It would be nice to have one, but you're not obligated to find a job and become independent at 18.

For me, I didn't do much at all when I turned 18. I just continued with my online schooling and I played video games and ate a bunch of cake. Watched a bunch of Johnny Depp movies by myself too.
Nothing changes. I got a job 2 months before my 19th birthday, got my motorcycle license at 22. Lost my job at 23, now I'm 24 and still unemployed.

Nothing changes.
Nothings changed except for I can legally drink (which won't make a difference for you as you're in the US). I just spent my day with my family then had dinner with my friends.
I turned 18 around a month into my weekend shifts at a pub & grill and my second year at college. I still had a pretty large group of friends, but I worked longer hours, was drinking more regularly and that's about all that changed.

I spent my birthday getting drunk in my local, staggering distance from my house in ridiculously high heels and a superwoman costume (we were all fancy dress). I was drinking until early hours of the morning at a family friend's house, then went to work at 11am the next day for about 10 hours before continuing the madness for the rest of the weekend.

Now everything has changed, and all I can say I am proud of is my backside. :)
You're classed as an adult but can't legally drink? I don't understand that USA :p

I turn 18 in two weeks and my boyfriend does in 2 days. Yay for alcoholism!
lol nothing changes. Just the same as it was the day before. It's not like you'll be kicked out on the street to fend for yourself the second you turn 18.
Just as normal as ever. :p I still live with my mom and I'm 20 now. Basically, turning 18 is just a good memory, and a rather old one and insignificant in the way that it didn't change much in my lifestyle.
The only thing that changes is that you actually start thinking about such things. :p
my 18th b-day was nothing of a big deal... being 18 is like being 19, 20, or 21.... there's pretty much no change to it...
turning 18 is good but turning 20 sucks to young to drink and 20 old for 18 and up