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Ucoz - Free website builder is one of the coolest website hosting i have ever used. If you are good at HTML, CSS, you can rule the website.

Its Features:

It is a CMS website, which helps you to run a Forum, blog, site reviews, directory and lots more. They have many subdomain name, from which you can choose the one which suits you. Like .ucoz.com, .ucoz.ru....

Speed & Reliability:

I have to say that the Ucoz have really impressed me with its speed and reliability. I have never encountered any downtime or problem with its hosting. I had a site with them for 1 year and it was awesome.


You have a support forum, where there are users who are ready to help you any time and most of the queries get solved with a day. Their support forum has a good tutorial for a starter, including what are the modules present and its features explained clearly.


Few drawbacks or downside with this site is, the option of editing few modules are limited. This is done to make sure the starters don't mess up with system. Next is their paid service, it is not a drawback but few it may be; their login system, few additional module, ads can be dealt with free service.

For me and most of its user, the free service is of more satisfactory.

Overall Rating:

Performance: 9.5/10
Support: 9/10
Modules & Features: 9/10
Paid services: 8/10

If you are an Ucoz user and like to add some points, please feel free to reply.