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Ugh, children. :\


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I have lived in my home since the age of six, with everyone around me growing up with me - I was happy with that.
More recently, this area has become somewhat known for bratty kids with low attention spans and general idiocy. The majority of my neighbours have moved out now, however - with the street filling up with kids.

The worst part is, I now have young children either side of my house, they are friends. For the past ten minutes, the child who can barely talk next door at the age of five and still has a dummy EVERYWHERE, is constantly shouting 'PAIGE! PAIGE! PAIGE!' - considering the fences are high and she cannot actually see whether the girl is out there or not. Because of no reply, you'd think it'd be obvious that the girl is in fact, not in the garden. Apparently not... 'PAIGE! PAIGE! PAIGE!'

Following this, the younger sister of the said Paige has come into the garden and said 'she is eating her dinner', but now they are screaming across my garden to each other... Loudly. If like any other day with genuinely nice weather, they will be out past 10pm still screaming at each other. The worst part is, their parents don't care, and for a four year old's birthday party, my neighbour will invite the other neighbour with her screaming child, and they will drink until 3am in the garden, weather permitting, being just as loud - if not worse.

If I ever had kids like those, I would disown them. :|
But I'm going to go ahead and blame their parents.
3am? That's pretty late.
I'd say that's what kids do, and they are irritating. But at that time is strange. Even to be up at 10pm for a 4-year old is baffling.
My grandson goes to bed around 8PM to 9PM every night. He is only 1 though.
Yeah, it is what children do and their parents clearly see it differently - but I believe there is a cut off time for children to be playing outside, whether in the back garden or out somewhere else. Young children should be in bed earlier (babies are different :p) rather than later. And for them to be out gone midnight because of their parents wanting to get drunk together, ugh.
You don't think of others at their age so you should blame the parents. If they were told not to shout, they'd probably stop. You should tell them to shut up or you'll get their parents in trouble with the police. :blank:
I think it's more of a case of warning their parents - particularly with their alcoholism and being disruptive. I'm not a party pooper or anything, but people are in bed trying to sleep way before 3am here, particularly as the majority have kids. Both children and drunken parents being loud is just disrespectful.
If the parents are being pains, maybe it is time to call the police.