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Who here uses Vbulletin? What do you think of it so far?

I use VB 3.8 since I don't like the new 4.0 series. Hopefully they do a full rewrite for 5 otherwise I doubt many customers will stick with them. I wont be upgrading bease its only $20 more to buy a new liscence than it is to upgrade.
Hmm, i think very few opt for this software nowadays. Many buy xenforo which is more stylish and cool to manage.

I haven't had the opportunity to use Vbulletin.
New Section 5

  1. Forum Name:Blog[/*:m:3mpxt013]
  2. Forum Topic:Everything and anything[/*:m:3mpxt013]
  3. Forum Description:This is a section to allow people to spout off about anything. From Politics to gaming anything can be discussed. This should also possibly be the front page like we had it before.[/*:m:3mpxt013]
  4. Will you be the moderator? (Yes/No):No Moderation needed.[/*:m:3mpxt013]
  5. If YES skip, if NO who will be moderator?:No[/*:m:3mpxt013]
  6. Is the moderator willing to be a part of a larger staff chat system?:No[/*:m:3mpxt013]
Sorry I am bored today.
It might be easier to just a blogging application for Xenforo and allow people to actually have their own blogs. Then I could have the recent stuff show on the main page and on the forum side bar. How about that?