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Have you added VIP membership to your website. And had any success with it??
I have had VIP membership on other forums in the past, and I would get around 1-2 people in the total life span of my forum. So, I would say it would not be a great success. Though now I am running a promotion site, so I think if it gets bigger people might be more likely to purchase VIP.

As stated though, I am not in it for the money, but to have a great community.
I have one VIP membership in Admin peak.
No I haven't, But I do have plans to add premium membership, once I decide the plans for the upgraded members. :)
No success yet (Paid wise) but we have had a few people made VIP for winning special prizes or mini competitions. They seem to like it so I am hoping it rubs off on the people with the money to pay, haha.
Along Came A Spider

Ok this book was way better then the movie. The Movie was complete opposite of the book. I mean it was not even close to the book. I will say the book was far better then the movie now that I read the book. Had the movie been close to the book like this it would have been much better. The book is worth reading.
It was The first Alex Cross book. Anyway it is a about a serial killer that kidnaps two famous kids. One is the Secretary of the Treasuries Son. The other a Movie actress daughter. Though the plot thickens because he loses them to others who seen him do it and do what he planned to do ransom the kids off. Though it has much more to it then that. I was surprised it was a damned good book. I read it in two days.