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I've come across this game which will be released in November but it looks absolutely amazing and I'm more excited about it than I am about GTA V tbh. You basically hack into the entire control system of Chicago in the beginning, where you can view nearly everyone's information, hack their bank accounts, hack traffic lights, bridges, fire control, trains, power lines, security cameras, phones and even cause entire city blackouts; all to your advantage. It appears that it is a game where you can choose whether you use your abilities for good or bad. You have freedom to do what you like as it appears that there aren't too many missions in the game that you must follow (however, it could be Ubisofts intention to hide the story/main missions); you kind of give yourself missions as you come across them in the city.
Just walking around the city, you can come across potential victims based on the data you are given. You can choose whether you want to follow and protect the potential victim, or allow them to be hassled/mugged/killed etc. You can listen into people's conversations/arguments/texts and potentially stop a crime that way. One awesome part I love (it shows part of it in one of the video's) is that you can even hack into people's wifi to then hack into their laptop/computer webcams and view inside their homes in order to hack other things. You can also hack into people's home security camera's to do this. In the example I saw, the hacker got into the webcam of a mother and child. She was out of the room but the hacker was able to hack into her bank account and steal money. Another good part about this is that you can sometimes find people doing some strange things! On one, a guy was dancing in his room and on another (in the video) a guy is chatting up a female mannequin which has been reported stolen. :lol:
You play as a hacker so obviously, shooting guns will get attention or others will call the police believing you're doing wrong. You can also appear on TV's in shops/cafe's if you've been doing a lot of killing, which can cause people around you to notice who you are and either set of a silent alarm or call the police. In this game, you always have to be aware.

In the multiplayer side of things, other players can "hack" into your game and try to hack you if they find you and take all your information that you have obtained through the game. It then becomes your mission to find the hacker and stop them at all costs. You can then decide to track them down and hack them too.
On the other side of multiplayer, I watched a video where it showed multiplayer gameplay, but the other person was using an iPad to hack into other systems in order to help you get away from the police. They can even hack into media broadcasts to write whatever they want for you to see in game! To be able to do this, you must download the iOS & android app you can download so you can help your friends in game, through mobile devices!

This game looks amazing as you will see from the video's below. Ubisoft hopes that there will be a lot of buyers as it's going to be released 2 months after GTA V, so get hooked and buy! :p